Meet the Teacher Night Schedule (Thurs., Aug. 11, 6:00-8:00)

Morton Junior High School  Meet the Teacher Night School-wide information in the Kiln (gym) 6:00 6:15 1st Hour  6:19 6:29 2nd Hour 6:32 6:42 3rd Hour 6:45 6:55 4th Hour  6:58 7:08 5th Hour 7:11 7:21 6th Hour  7:24 7:34 7th Hour 7:37 7:47 8th Hour 7:50 8:00 Parents will start in the gym at 6pm  All study halls can go to the cafeteria for refreshments provided by the PTO (If you do not have a study hall, you can stop by for refreshments as well) P.E. classes will meet in the bleachers in the new gym Lunch will not be part of the class rotation  You will need to know your child’s schedule or have access to it on your PowerSchool app on your phone  Office personnel and where to direct questions: Chris Carter – Principal  Academic questions, overall school questions or concerns, 8th Grade discipline Scott Hammond – Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Athletics, activities, 7th Grade discipline  Beth Spaniol – School Counselor Class scheduling, academic support, student concerns Daniel

Orientation Notes

Morning routine before school Go straight to practice gym and wait in bleachers to be dismissed at 7:50am After school procedures Hallways should be clear by 3:15 Bus riders wait in the cafeteria Cell phones Off and in locker; no warnings ID badges Pick them up from the LMC (library) today or tomorrow Needed for lunch and checking out books in the LMC IPads - inappropriate usage, breakage  All emails & Google Drive docs are monitored Lunch  Tables assigned alphabetically first few days Dress code  Covered shoulder to mid-thigh (no crop tops, shorty shorts) Discipline Choices, freedom, self-discipline  Hallways & Lockers Four minutes between classes provides enough time to use restroom, locker, & get to class Don’t share combos, no open food, use combination  Backpacks  Leave in locker…not allowed in class IPad Pick distribution 7th Grade - Science classes - Friday 8th Grade - Homeroom classes - Thursday Activities and involvement Get involved! Opportunities all year Listen

What do I bring to school? When do I bring it?

Now that students have their locker numbers and combinations, you are welcome to stop in during regular school hours (8:00-3:00) to practice your combos, walk around the building to get a feel for the place, pick up your ID's from the LMC, and even "move-in" to your lockers.  PE uniform shirts will be distributed during the first few days of PE class.  If you haven't ordered one yet, you can still do that through EFunds.   Bags...students will need to leave their bags in their lockers this year.  Students will no longer be allowed to take their backpacks to classes/lunch. can pick yours up in the LMC! These are required for LUNCH and checking out books from the LMC (library).   Don't stress about what to take to class on the first day.  I recommend taking something to write on and something to write with...your teachers will be sharing what you need to bring each day to class.   Supply List :

A few date and time clarifications

Parents -  I wanted to share with you all a couple of corrections that have been inadvertently communicated differently in a couple of locations.   7th Grade/New Student Orientation - Tuesday, August 9, from 2:30-3:30 (students can come in starting at 1:30 that day and can stay until 4:30 practicing their lockers and getting a feel for the building)  1st Day of School - Thursday, August 11, 11:00 dismissal Meet the Teacher Night - Thursday, August 11, 6:00-8:00pm Information will be posted to my blog ( https:// juniorpotterprincipalnews. ).  This is also linked at the bottom of our homepage.   The building will be open next week from 8:00-4:00 daily for students to come check out their lockers and tour the building.     Chris Carter, Principal

Dress Code Changes

Dress Code - 2022-23 If a style of dress or grooming becomes or appears to become disruptive to the educational process or constitutes a threat to the safety or health of students, it will not be permitted in school. Further, some types of dress are considered inappropriate when worn in school since they do not promote an educational atmosphere that is conducive to learning.   Dress and appearance must be such that students are covered from shoulders to mid-thigh.  If there is any doubt about dress and appearance, the building administrator will make the final decision. Other At the elementary schools:  Students are encouraged to wear gym shoes each day, due to daily PE and recess.  Students are also encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  Please remember that we will go outside for recess and PE, and students should be dressed appropriately. No undergarment exposure. No bare or stocking feet (shoes must be worn at all times). No hats or bandannas. No accessories

Lunch Payments Changing

This email was sent out to all parents today regarding a change in making lunch payments: In the past, we have had one location, eFunds, to make payments for all fees, including lunches. Due to a change in eFunds administration, we no longer have the option to make payments for lunch in eFunds. Lunch payments will now need to be made within the MealMagic Family Portal. To create an account in the MealMagic Family Portal, go to the portal ( and register. After you register, you'll need to add your students by entering their name and PowerSchool ID. If you don't know their PowerSchool ID, you can log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and it will be at the top of the page. In some cases, the system might require an approval process. Your account should be approved within 24 hours. All other fees will continue to be paid using eFunds. Please don't hesitate to contact Amy Zimmerman at with any questions. W